The Turning Tide – BIHAR losing its edge

Scams, Corruption, Lawlessness etc are few of the terms that in most situations (if not all) were used to highlight the state of Bihar. Bihar has always been in news for all wrong reasons. But situation seems to be changing. It would be premature to draw any conclusion at this point of time, but certainly things are changing. What is really shocking is the fact that states that enjoy the tag of being pro development and forward looking have been the breeding ground for some of the most infamous scams of year 2010.

States like Karnataka and Maharashtra were the in forefront of scams reported in 2010.Even the infamous 2G scandal which topped the charts of scams last year had absolutely no connection with Bihar. I really wonder, Bihar which has such a glorious legacy of being in the forefront of all such activities has suddenly lost edge. Bihar’s inability to give this country any major scams in past few years can be a subject of case study in any of the prestigious management institutes.
News like Husk Power generation, peaceful and fair elections in Bihar and magical growth figures have contributed further to strip this state (to a certain extent) from the tag of being a corrupt and scandalous state. On a lighter note, if the same situation persists for some more time, Bihar will face a serious identity crisis.
Prolonged emission of these positive vibes from Bihar can pose a serious threat to the social architecture of this country. Just imagine the amount of change that people of this country will have to undergo if the term Bihar and Bihari’s become synonyms for development and progress. It will be something like people adjusting to the fact that Osama Bin Laden is a great saint of all times. I guess the entire history will have to be re- written.
I think enough of me trying hard to give a different perspective of things happening in this country and Bihar. I am really happy to witness the tremendous growth and development potentials that Bihar has shown. All appreciation for people of Bihar who are a part of this great change. Please let me know your thoughts on this.