Man and woman rather say males and females are the most complex and probably the best (the writer of this blog does not claim any authenticity of the highlighted word) creation of the almighty. They are inseparable in all respect. And in my personal opinion, they are created to know and mingle with each other. To alleviate the divine debt of almighty, they should try and explore each other shedding all inhibitions and suspicions, diving into the great depths of love and intimacy, demystifying the secrets of Kama, twisting turning draping around each other, erupting and surrendering to the exothermic, rampant and volcanic burst of feeling and desire.

Ops...Almost got carried away.
But the ground reality reveals an entirely contrast picture. Instead of love, closeness and intimacy between man and woman, there prevails a dark and ugly realm of mistrust and suspicion. I realized this when one of my female friend refused to stay in a paying guest (PG) accommodation just because their would be neighbors were males. This unfortunate incident made me ponder and I realized it was not an isolated incident. This impenetrable mistrust against males is omnipresent. Most often man is looked at with suspicion by females. There exist an unbreakable strong wall, behind which entire female population want to secure them and look at us with accusing and denouncing stare. In this land of Mahatma Gandhi, who devoted his life towards eradication of practice of untouchablity, females keeping such distance with males are making the later feel like untouchables.
From past the society has broadly permitted the interaction of man and woman only after certain rituals are performed to which the society is witness. And to my dismay the woman of today’s generation are still holding on to such rude practices with more fervor and determination. Just look around, public transport, offices, and educational institutions everywhere the divide is pretty evident. Technically this situation can be explained as two devices whose integration was inevitable have just become incompatible.
I am not denying the fact that in past the female community has been exploited by male community, but let’s try and get to the root cause that has led to such sad situation. Such catastrophe has been brought about because the female population has always prevented and denied the natural order of things i.e. free intermingling of man and women. So man’s curiosity and strong belief in god’s profound concept of oneness has led to such incidences. Man should and must always thwart such evil forces that try to keep the long cherished dream of almighty from becoming a reality.
So instead of defeating the designs and jeopardizing the noble motive of oneness of man and woman as conceived by the almighty, we all should work together to demolish these walls, shatter distrust and endure towards oneness.


Hi to all my readers. My never ending urge to serve my readers with something different and probably interesting to munch on has brought me back to blogging. For last couple of weeks a cute little invention of man kind, probably one of the most remarkable inventions for offices caught my attention. To witness and analyze the plight of this wonderful invention in this era of recession made my heart ache and cry with agony and pain.

So here I bring down the curtains. I am talking about the office vending machine which has rendered its relentless services to one and all directly or remotely related to the office.It has obliged every one in office by catering to their most erratic of demands at any time of the day. Be it coffee, tea, milk, complan, bournvita or any other drink, the vending machine has never let us down. But the recession time has done a lot of damage to the rare personified glory that the vending machine was privileged with. Its existence has been reduced to a beautiful white pigeon in a golden cage which could provide just hollow visual pleasure but could never bestow you with eternal bliss which our soul would have otherwise experienced seeing the beautiful pigeon fly freely in the open. Apologies, got little carried away in the rampant flow of emotions.

For ages vending machine has been corner stone of all office activities. For those freshers, just out of college and coming to terms with the complex corporate life vending machine is their only link between two worlds. It reminds them of the love square (shops near the college where guys and girls can be found roaming around) which is always bustling with life. And how can employees forget that great march of hunks and dudes leaving their critical work and hastily making their way towards the vending machine arranging their hair and clothes. What is worth noticing is the fact that this mass exodus is brought about because some of the beautiful ladies were spotted going to the vending machine. But in this recession time all these actives are incidents of past, and the beautiful lanes leading to vending machine are all deserted. The fear and ugly face of recession has so strongly obscured our visions that we have forgotten to look at the tiniest joy that beckons at us. And the greatness of METALLICA sums it all in his beautiful words “But the memory remains”.

The vending machine area has always been the ware house of all office gossips and politics. In the good olden days employees used to chuckle with each other with sip of their favorite drink that had obviously come out of vending machine. Just one sip of the divine beverage from vending machine would make them speak like experts on matters like politics, chicks, how managers should perform, which girl or guy to watch out for in the office. But now most of these employees are busy talking to the job consultant or updating their resumes or zipping through the slides on technical subjects that will help them get a good and stable job some where else. It must be a heart wrenching sight for the poor vending machine.

These days area around vending machines looks like a deserted village of any war stricken country. One more reason for such painful sight is the fact that for management of the company apart from the basic beverages (coffee and tea) coming out of magical vending machine all other beverages starts appearing as luxury and the such services are stopped in the noble quest to bring the operational cost to minimum. No respite from there too.

Apart from stopping the fancy beverages the basic drinks are also reduced by programming the vending machines to give out half cup at a time. The full cup option no more works. I wonder what if such astute creativity would have been shown towards any projects the company would have been in a different shape today.

The magical beverages that ooze out of vending machines have also been famous for solving complex of the coding issues or fixing the naughtiest bug in the code. In the good olden days if some one was stuck some where in the coding all u needed to do was to just take a break, sip the magical beverage that the selfless vending machine has to offer come back and the issue was resolved.

The examples are numerous, the vending machines have been an indispensable part of all small and big events of the office. To most of us these vending machines would appear as dumb piece of metal and plastic but if you try and ponder it signifies a lot. It shows how lively and satisfied people are in the office. This silent, innocent spectator has a lot to offer to us. In spite of all the cut backs and conspiracies to de-glorify the vending machine, it still serves you with same passion. Like most of us trying to cope up with the deadly blow of recession the vending machine is also working hard to avert these effects but at the same time unlike us it has not lost the essence of life. Because even today, amidst all the adversity that coffee still tastes the best.


So here I am, once again ready to offer my readers one of my experiences which I had a stint with recently.

I must say it was amazing to meander through the valleys and mountains of feelings and emotions that I was exposed to. Must say an intriguing ride . Before we start, a little enlightenment on reference in which I am using the word APPRAISAL. In this article appraisal means the battery of parameters on which your performance is judged in your organization by your managers. So we can say the ratings that we get in appraisals decide how good or bad you are at your work.

Usually appraisals create a divide in your office which has three categories. The first is the satisfied lot which obviously has received good ratings and end up getting substantial increment in their salary. The second one is the unsatisfied, back stabbed, deceived (sometimes adjectives just do not seem to end) etc... Who are at the lower end of the rating parameter. And certainly there chances of monetary gain are pretty bleak. And the last lot is the one who have got less rating and accept these ratings with profound humility with a vow to improve upon the next time.
But as I have mentioned in my previous article “ONSITE EUPHORIA” I belong to the era of recession. So certainly my experiences differ from what most of you have had. In this doomed time of recession, appraisals redefine the whole categorization of work force that I just explained in the above paragraph.

Now the most blessed lot (the one with the higher ratings) is the most helpless. Good ratings but no monetary gains. It feels like a bunch of thieves who have taken all the pain in planning and sneaking into a bank which has already been robbed. So even though they enjoy the rare and prestigious privilege of robbing a bank but ultimately they end up getting nothing. And their entire fraternity looks at them with sympathy. The situation for the second lot is almost similar. They still continue to curse the top management of being partial, insensitive, biased and what not. The third lot is completely wiped off and is replaced by a new group of scared employees who have received the lowest ratings as their jobs are at skate.

Appraisals also do a lot of harm to the managers. Appraisals during good times used to create a strong lobby of employee (with good ratings) in favor of their managers. So managers could easily win and oblige a lot of people. But the situation completely changes when it comes to appraisals during recession. All they are left with is enemies (I know that is a little exaggeration). Almost the entire office strength irrespective of their ratings contribute generously in cursing their managers (as if it will help them attain moksha).

Now comes the most important part of this appraisal drama. It is called the one on one session or the grievance session between employees and their managers. But recession has not spared these sessions too. Now it is more like a banging session (in Hindi we can say a BAJAATE RAHO session). I guess the readers are intelligent enough to guess who is at the receiving end in such sessions. What is quite interesting to see in such sessions is the inability of managers to explain the employee why he or she has been rated less. Reasons for low ratings are also worth mentioning here. This is the time when managers get real creative and come up with kick ass (pardon me for my profanity) ideas. Some are said they lack communication skills, while some has been rated less because his shirt fail to appeal the eyes of his managers some day, while some of the employees were victimized because of bad mouth odor (just kidding). The only blissful moment during this session is when sharp legitimate logic wrapped in soft words of the employee tears the poor opponent (hope you all know who the opponent is) into shreds. Even though you emerge as an undisputed winner of these BAJAATE RAHE session, but still it leaves you disappointed because the ratings have been given and nothing much can be done until the new appraisal cycle comes.

Considering all the above facts, I strongly feel why such risky affairs are entertained by any organization where the respect and integrity of managers and honesty, sincerity and hard work of employees are at stake. I just don’t understand why the top management of any organization tries to jeopardize the peace and harmony of any team or project. During recessions such activities should not be carried out.
Why can we just wait for the dark night to get over peacefully? Why do we forget the bright sunny day is inevitable.


Getting an onsite opportunity is something every software engineer from India looks forward to.

For those of you who are not very aware of this term Onsite, let me explain you.
An onsite opportunity is getting a chance to go to your clients’ country and working from there for them at a very low wage.
So why that such opportunity is considered as once in a life time opportunity. It’s not that software engineers are bunch of crazy travelers who are always ready to land in some unknown terrority, build some crazy software there and life after that becomes a cake walk for residents of that country.

Let me try and throw some light on it.

Onsite opportunity means a crazy increase in your fortune (as you get paid in dollars).Ya this is an obvious reason. But there are many more reasons why software engineers are ready to slay anyone who tries to diminish this dream of theirs even to a slightest extend.

Now let’s pen down some such reasons.

Your status is increased because now you are an America returned guy.
Out of nowhere you are the choice of millions of parents who somehow want to marry their daughter to an “American returned “. I don’t know what happens onsite, just guessing the environment their adds to once potency. Just kidding.

It gives you an opportunity to possess those much coveted electronic gadgets, whose reviews you can only read in web site like sitting here offshore.

A very insignificant reason is that it adds to your learning of business and technology, but I would say it is just a default inevitable phenomena but not the reason that takes you onsite.

Another reason which is insignificant but could not be ignored because it gives you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams that you have nurtured in your innocence heart seeing the Hollywood hot chicks I mean to say Flicks.
Now enough showing you guys a rosy picture, all above mentioned things were taken from holy and pious books written in the era of “Booming Software industry” and “Healthy economic Condition”.

To me (I am a fresher), after writing the above things, just one thing came to my mind --Disclaimers displayed before all the K series soaps of Ekta kapoor “This is just a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to reality”.

I am a child of era where most of the signs of booming economic era have faded away and some are in the process of becoming history.

In this era the meaning of onsite has changes completely.

It has become from good to bad. It is like a nightmare which keeps tossing you in your bed (I don’t know how married couples keep up their sex life in such condition...Oops me and my perverted mind ;) )

Now a day’s onsite opportunities are less (using plural just to bring about some smile on my readers face). And even if you get lucky enough and is selected to go onsite, the whole process when your project lead whispers such bliss full words into your thirsty ears till the day of your journey(which eventually turns into a black day of your life) takes everything out of you.

So let’s share the pain.

You are selected for onsite work, everyone around you closely or remotely related to you starts celebrating. The entire home town of yours as well as the company you work for comes to know about it as if someone has erected big banners displaying this message. You get tired of telling everyone of the date you are going to fly. It becomes completely impossible for you to keep a track of requests and demands of things your loved ones want you to get then from foreign. All of a sudden the budget of evening snacks, busicts, and tea shoots up as visitors just keep pouring in.

Mothers of most eligible and beautiful daughters keep paying visits to your house and you just try to maintain that decent smile on your face even though your hormones are pushing harder to bring that look of desperation while talking to their daughters who were once unaffordable and out of your reach .
You go on a complete shopping spree. Everything you or your family members lay hands on becomes yours, thanks to the credit card. You, who once was all against using credit card now all of a sudden becomes a staunch supporter of it because you think that you will clear everything in the first salary that you get onsite.

Apart from this you indulge yourself in playing host to those countless party just to celebrate your onsite going. All these spending are taken care of by credit cards.

After all this hoopla when the d day arrives, the same project leader who once had become AN angel after choosing you for onsite sheds his virtual image and like daemon whispers the words of death in your ears. Your entire world crashes down.

All the statements of those credit cards that once made your shopping a pleasure starts haunting you. You don’t know where to hide your face as you have to answer the same question individually to the entire world that “YOU ARE NOT GOING”

And wow, form king to a popper in just a moment. Then starts the continuous rounds of cursing your project leads and sympathy from your loved ones. And hatred for those in whose sympathetic eyes you could only see the disappointment that you could not get then what they had asked you to bring from foreign

After all this has happened, in agony you sit back and reflect on the events that has changed your life.And at the end of the day the brutality of this reality brings a tinge of smile on your face because you now you know in this age of cost cutting and survival what an “ONSITE EUPHORIA” is.

FROM MY PEN--A strange feeling called love

Nothing is as beautiful as love. It is love which makes life worth living. But there is strange mystery surrounding this word called LOVE. Time and again i have tried to attach a meaning to it, but have failed miserably all the time. After all this vain efforts i have realized one thing, this feeling of love cannot be expressed in words. This pitiable situation of word can be understood because words can describe only mortal things. Love is immortal, i can be only experienced but not described.

The more one tries to curtail love by describing it with helpless words, the more stranger and complex it becomes. And at one point of time, when this futile chase to define love turns into desperation then into frustration, one gives up. I find it very astonishing that the same which cannot be defined even after exhausting the entire dictionary can be felt, enjoyed and experienced by mere silence. So if experiencing love is so simple they why it cannot be described. This question punches me rite into the face of we mortal beings. It brutally exposes the inefficiency of we human beings. Through science we have tried and seeked answer for all worldly phenomenas. We have left no stone unturned to satisfy our hunger of attaching reasons for all the events that take place in this universe. But it is a pitiable paucity of science that reason for existence of love which is the perennial source of life has eluded it.


As always my restless mind after wandering through the numerous valleys of thoughts something that cold be very easily termed as projection of an empty soul finally decides to take a halt and churn out its opinion on RELATIONSHIP.

Let me first take some pain and try to figure out what relationship means to me or the meaning of relationship that I have understood in these twenty odd years of my existence.

To me relationship is a connection which a human being establishes with people around him or with things he posses or wishes to posses or his thoughts or his work, action.
Relationship also means the degree or authority one lends to any thing be it living, dead, material, real or virtual to impact his life.

Most of us have had some relationship going and have felt pain, stuck, devastated because of these relations. Sometimes the part with whom you are in relation with hurts you and sometime you are in pain because you think you have hurt the other part involved in the relationship. So why to get into a relationship at all. Why can’t we save ourselves before hand from the pain by not establishing relationship?

The previous question might seem absurd to many because a world without relations is from what a human soul can perceive. What harm in that, after all think on such line could save you from a lot of pain. After all that is what is the ultimate goal of live “life without pain”. What will happen if we shun all relations, cut all connections and exist as single unconnected unit? This world will be a lot happier place. Your actions will never hurt any one neither do their actions. You will never feel obligated or tied down. A sense of freedom will prevail in every nook or corner of this world. This would end suppression and exploitation of weaker section by stronger section as in a society without relations such sections will cease to exist. Just individuals no groups. It would remove the concept of society to a greater extent if not completely abolish it. No pressure from society, no interference from society.

I personally such concept which has the potential of simplifying our lives and making it happier is worth trying once