Man and woman rather say males and females are the most complex and probably the best (the writer of this blog does not claim any authenticity of the highlighted word) creation of the almighty. They are inseparable in all respect. And in my personal opinion, they are created to know and mingle with each other. To alleviate the divine debt of almighty, they should try and explore each other shedding all inhibitions and suspicions, diving into the great depths of love and intimacy, demystifying the secrets of Kama, twisting turning draping around each other, erupting and surrendering to the exothermic, rampant and volcanic burst of feeling and desire.

Ops...Almost got carried away.
But the ground reality reveals an entirely contrast picture. Instead of love, closeness and intimacy between man and woman, there prevails a dark and ugly realm of mistrust and suspicion. I realized this when one of my female friend refused to stay in a paying guest (PG) accommodation just because their would be neighbors were males. This unfortunate incident made me ponder and I realized it was not an isolated incident. This impenetrable mistrust against males is omnipresent. Most often man is looked at with suspicion by females. There exist an unbreakable strong wall, behind which entire female population want to secure them and look at us with accusing and denouncing stare. In this land of Mahatma Gandhi, who devoted his life towards eradication of practice of untouchablity, females keeping such distance with males are making the later feel like untouchables.
From past the society has broadly permitted the interaction of man and woman only after certain rituals are performed to which the society is witness. And to my dismay the woman of today’s generation are still holding on to such rude practices with more fervor and determination. Just look around, public transport, offices, and educational institutions everywhere the divide is pretty evident. Technically this situation can be explained as two devices whose integration was inevitable have just become incompatible.
I am not denying the fact that in past the female community has been exploited by male community, but let’s try and get to the root cause that has led to such sad situation. Such catastrophe has been brought about because the female population has always prevented and denied the natural order of things i.e. free intermingling of man and women. So man’s curiosity and strong belief in god’s profound concept of oneness has led to such incidences. Man should and must always thwart such evil forces that try to keep the long cherished dream of almighty from becoming a reality.
So instead of defeating the designs and jeopardizing the noble motive of oneness of man and woman as conceived by the almighty, we all should work together to demolish these walls, shatter distrust and endure towards oneness.