Friday is always a special day for a software engineer. And there are obvious reasons for this.
Coming of Friday marks the beginning for a lot of things. Let me enlighten you on this one by one.
1)For many, especially bachelors it marks the beginning of two day celebration (Counting Friday night and Saturday night) of booze commonly known as DAARU PARTY. They try to make maximum out of these two days as far as tryst with alcohol is concerned. It is a great opportunity to replenish the alcohol (MADIRA-Made famous by Harivansh Rai Bacchan) content of body, so that we can have a state of bliss for rest part of the coming week. It also gives you the much necessary state of mind to deal with crap(can be debated) work that one does sitting behind the computer and turn a deaf ear towards managers irritating hymns and loathes ( It’s a fact, no debates)

2)For many (you can include me too) it’s a day which starts with the optimism of getting a chance to check out hot babes in office. Witnessing the transformation of same aunty types into real damsels on Friday is a spectacular phenomenon.

3)The whole joy of Friday rockets to all together another world if it also happens to be a salary day. You just feel so happy and strong from inside, it appears as if you just had a shot of some super powerful steroid.

4)The story is little different for married guys. But certainly it’s not bad. They get much needed time to spend with their better half and experiences bliss. Fine dinner coupled with movies add to the enjoyment (pardon me if this point does not have some masala things. My lovely wife also reads this blog).

5)In the above points I said a lot about the boys so it will be injustice to them if I do not mention anything about girls. My secret wish of spending a day with girl invisibly (do not let your imaginations fly) just to observe her behaviors’ and actions has not been fulfilled yet. So I do not really much about them. Whatever I write from here onwards is just fiction.

6)Girls especially the smart ones might spend the weekends deciding on the list of boyfriends they have to date. And if they really do it, mind it my friends it must be one hell of a task. Many factors influence this selection process. I guess a boy can be removed from the list color of his teeth does not match with the color of her bangles. Boys with potential of sponsoring movies and exclusive dinners have rather high chances of being on the list.

7)Growth of Indian economy depends on the number of consumers the quantity of consumption. Consumption on weekends (buying of dress or other things are included in this) is the major contributor and guess who tops the list. No points for guessing, it’s the women.

I guess I will have to stop here as you all will be waiting to accomplish either any one of the above or something else. Whatever it is ENJOY your weekend.
Keep pouring your ideas. So see you on Monday


Hi ALL my readers,
I have composed a mail which can be used as a last e mail before leaving the company.
Feel free to use it. Hope i am not contributing to the attrition rate.
And yup pour in your ideas to make it better.


Someone has truly said in Hindi “ Har mulaakaat ka anjam judai hai”.
I don’t know where to start from, words betray me. There is so much to say, so many people to thank.The rampant emotions inside me make me weak and jittery. I know my stint with (company name)cannot be conveyed in two words, but I will have to do it.


Yes people, today I am saying good bye to (company name). For me (company name) has been a home away from home.Growing with (company name) was fun. Met some really wonderful souls. Formed some impregnable bonds and have got tonnes of memories to cherish forever. Ok OK I should stop this description of my emotional journey here before you guys get bored and hurl those coffee mugs at me.

So its thanks giving time.
I truly and deeply thank the following people.
The security personals at the main entrance for helping me find a parking place every day (NOTE: if you were using company transport, you can give credit to them).
My team members for their high mental strengths to tolerate me.
My supervisors for …….....(thinking….....)
……... still thinking...……
…….still thinking...……
…....goggle ing...……the search did not yield any result…..
……still thinking…….
OMG nothing is coming to my mind and oops google has betrayed me too.
Ok on a serious note for guiding me, encouraging me and showing me the rite way always ( this sentence can be deleted depending on ur relation with managers).
The cafeteria guys for letting me take extra sambar, chutney and curd for free.
Dhaba guys for the parcel so that I do not have to cook at night.

After thanks giving its time for the lucky draw.
Anyone who replaces my (company name)e-mail with my personal e-mail id will get free lunch coupons for three generations which can be used in our cafeteria.
And who ever calls me on my cell (mobile number)can include their friends, relatives and neighbors in the above mentioned free lunch coupon scheme.
I have nothing more to say Fir milenge


Arundhati Roy’s statement about Kashmir has created quite a lot of heat. More importantly sparked a fierce debate between the patriots and those who advocate about fundamental rights. Patriots are terming this incident as sedition and the patronage of fundamental rights as dissent.
The views of those terming the statement made by Roy as dissent can be very well be summed up by the following comment given by US Supreme Court

“It is poignant but fundamental that the flag protect those who hold it in content”. They argue that dissent and disagreement is what makes a democracy complete. They also highlight the inherent tradition of India being tolerant. Under the umbrella of these arguments, these patrons of democracy and fundamental rights try to seek a “no legal action” status for ROY.
But the present situation that exists in India demands something else. Under the pretext of upholding the fundamental rights and tolerant nations’ image, the unity and solidarity of India has been compromised on many occasions. If this dangerous trend is not curbed at this moment it will not be a distant reality when we will see India crumbling into many small countries.
Government should show some grit and conviction and should act immediately to put an end to such heinous acts dome in the name of democracy.


To some the title might sound strange but that's how it is.First a small background on Ameerpet and America.
Ameerpet is a area in Hyderabad,India which is famous for software training institutes.America - I really do not need to say anything.
I recently came Hyderabad for sometime and thought of discovering Ameerpet.
The first impression that came to my mind after visiting the place was CRAZY. Indeed it is a crazy place. all around Ameerpet you will find training institutes. You name the technology and you will get it. Be it different modules of SAP or Oracle or Data warehousing,Mainframes,C etc, at least one training institute is

available for you.You will be surprised to know that one street in Ameerpet is known as SAP street as it has the most concentration of SAP training institutes. This entire area is flooded with banners, posters, hoardings advertising about different institutes and the courses they offer. As the training institutes are in abundance,there is a cut throat competition for luring the students.All modes of payments are available for enrolling into any course. Installments option is there. Special discounts are offered for those who can make one shot payment of the entire course fee. Apart from this the fee can be further negotiated depending on your negotiating skills.
These training institutes have also created a market for cheap photo states, printouts and stationery You can find scores of shops offering these services. And when there are so many students visiting this place everyday how can the dhabhas and hotels be behind. They too have sprung up like mushrooms offering fast food to real meal to customised take aways.
You will find sea of people on the roads quickly making there way to training institutes.All the first time visitors predominantly comprising of peole who have come to inquired about the courses and training institutes will have a very confused look as this place is laid out in its most unorganised way. Some will have a very satisfied and happy look on their face as probaly they were successfull to find out the suitable institue for themselves.
Most of them have one dream get trained in Ameerpet and get a job in America. I really do not know how many of them are able to full fill this dream. But cretainly the experience of exploring this place was a great experience


Route to the mecca of Indian MBA , IIM opens today with the start of the enterance test CAT. This year CAT is being conducted in 20 phases in around 9000 centers as compared to 17000 centers last year. Scores of aspirants were seen outside the exam center lining up to try their chance to bell the CAT. The company providing support for conducting the online CAT exams said, it has made all necessary arrangements for smooth conduction ok exam. Last year CAT entrance went online for the first time and ran into problems like servers crashing.

I wish all the CAT aspirants "ALL THE BEST